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Alcoholism 3D

Interactive learning platform


Interactive 3D models

Pancreatic necrosis



Dr. Richard Oparka
Department of Histopathology,

University of Dundee School of Medicine

NHS Tayside

Project goal

This project aimed to achieve useful means in enhancing learning outcomes within the combination of face-to-face teaching; as a resource used to further equip medical students with extensive knowledge in the pathophysiological consequences that excessive alcohol ingestion has in relation to the human body. 


Medical students


I worked closely with Dr. Richard Oparka viewing specimen in his lab and discussing education goals for his students. Using multiple programs I created 3D models of diseased organs to provide students with a 360 interactive view of the organs. Combined with photographs provided by Dr. Richard Oparka, 2D illustrations and 3D illustrations I created a website for the students. A survey was conducted upon 

completion of the project indicating that student's learning outcomes improved.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Muse

Autodesk Maya

Pixologic ZBrush


Aspiration pneumonia

Liver cirrhosis

Stomach diseases

3D printed models

3d printer lungs
stomach disease 3D print
liver cirrhosis 3D printer

The digital organ models were 3D printed and painted. These were used by a pathologist in Ninewells Teaching Hospital & Medical School as a physical teaching aide for medical students.

A closer look

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