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Instructions for Use

IFU illustrations for medical devices require precision to ensure safety and a deep understanding during product use. I create step by step illustrations and designs to explain to users how to use your product safely and efficiently. Careful attention is paid to accuracy and consistency in style, ensuring that users can easily comprehend the instructions at a glance. 

Béa Fertility

Béa Fertility is the world's first ICI-based at home fertility treatment programme. Their innovative technology required instructions for use with detailed, anatomically-accurate illustrations.  

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 16.39.39.png

ITL Biomedical

A range of simple line drawing illustrations for ITL Biomedical - a medical devices and in vitro diagnostic system company. 


360 Health

Custom designed, illustrated and translated IFUs for 360 health, an at-home sexual health analysis company.

STD Test-English-5.jpg
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