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About me

I am a Glasgow based senior medical illustrator and creative lead with 10 years’ experience in creating interactive visuals and content to enhance medical education.

I earned an MSc Medical Art at the University of Dundee in 2017 and a BA Medical Illustration at Stockton University in 2015.


In 2017 I interned as a medical artist at the Royal College of Surgeons of England enhancing educational material for surgeons and continue my relationship with RCS as a medical art consultant. I continue to work on a freelance basis creating illustrations for surgeons and educators around the world. 


My areas of interest cover pathologies and surgical techniques, pure anatomy and medical device illustrations.

I am a professional member of and social media marketing lead at the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) and accredited register of the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS).

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail to discuss freelance work and prices!

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